What is Your Organizational Style:

Bigger vs. Smaller Categories? In My Sight vs. Out of My Sight?

What is your organizational style?

In all my years working with clients as a professional organizer I have found that it comes down to 2 things. First, whether you prefer items put into bigger categories or smaller categories. Second, whether you like your items in your sight or whether you like your items out of your sight.

1. Bigger Categories Vs. Smaller Categories

To explain this better, let's take a look at an example.

When you organize your toiletries, do you find yourself putting the shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, soap, razors, etc. into one basket? If so, you may have a Bigger Categories organizational style.

Or, do you find that you prefer to separate your toiletries into separate individual baskets, the shampoo in one smaller basket, the conditioner in another, the soap in another, etc.? If so, you may have a Smaller Categories organizational style.

2. In My Sight Vs. Out of My Sight

To explain this better, let's look at another example.

When you organize your board games, do you prefer to place them on a bookshelf where you can see them? If so, you may have a In My Sight organizational style.

Or, do you find that you prefer to put them inside a piece of furniture such as a tv stand with cabinets or drawers? If so, you may have an Out of My Sight organizational style.

When Organizational Styles Collide

In my experience working with spouses, parters, families, friends, or roommates who live together can be a challenge at first because they have conflicting organizational styles! But, never fear, CRYSTAL Home & Office is here!

"I can't stand to see his board games on the bookcase, I wish they were in the drawers somewhere where I don't have to see them!" – my client, Janice

I remember one of my clients expressed how frustrated she was because her partner and her had very different organizational styles. She preferred to have items hidden and out of sight while her partner liked to have items out in the open. Negotiating differing organizational styles with someone you live with can be challenging and is a whole separate blog topic (blog post coming soon)!

The first step is figuring out each person's organizational style. Then comes the compromising - what rooms will be the one person's style and the other rooms the other person's style, or what parts of the rooms will be one person's style and other parts the other person's style.

Or, there may be overlap in each person's organizational style. For example, both people may like bigger categories but one person may like their items out of their sight whereas the other person may want to see their items out on display. Finding common ground may be helpful because there is a commonality, even if just a little bit.

In my experience, it all comes down to compromise though because it is not just one person's home, it is everyone's home who lives there. That is one area where we help our client's find their organizational solutions!

Finding Your Organizational Style

So, what is your organizational style?

Do you prefer bigger categories or smaller categories, and do you prefer your items in your sight or out of your sight?

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